Copyright Policy

Documents Delivered. Copyright Compliant.

Documents Delivered is a member of the Copyright Clearance Center and adheres to copyright law. All applicable copyright royalty fees are paid to the Copyright Clearance Center, the publisher or the rights-holder. These applicable copyright royalty fees are charged to the client and itemized separately on the client’s invoice from Documents Delivered.

Documents Delivered has no control or influence over the copyright royalty fees, terms, conditions, royalty details or royalty/delivery restrictions. The fees, terms, conditions, royalty details and royalty/delivery restrictions vary greatly from one publication to another. The fees, terms, conditions, royalty details and royalty/delivery restrictions are specifically determined by the publishers, rights-holders, and are not determined by Documents Delivered.

Copyright Royalty Cap Service

It is difficult to estimate the total cost of an order as the copyright royalty fees vary widely. As an added benefit, Documents Delivered allows clients to set a price-cap on the amount they are willing to spend on copyright royalty fees. For example, if you set a copyright royalty fee cap at $40 and the document you’ve ordered has a copyright fee of $30, we will deliver the document as ordered. However, if the document has a copyright royalty fee of $45, we’ll contact you before continuing with the order. At this point, you can accept the copyright royalty fee or cancel the order altogether.

By setting a copyright royalty fee cap, you have a reasonable expectation as to the cost of your order and can budget accordingly. You will see this function on the online order form, under the copyright compliance section (see screenshot below).

More questions regarding copyright please contact us today.

New Client Payment Notice

New clients using our service for the first time are required to pay with a credit card.

We accept the following credit cards:

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