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More Endangered Words

Help prevent these words from becoming extinct! Or, as they’re known in the literary world, obsolete. Though, the words don’t fully disappear when they fall into heavy disuse. They just get categorized as “obsolete” in the bigger dictionaries and removed from the smaller dictionaries. So they’re still around to puzzle younger readers, or prompt older readers to take a trip down memory lane. A millennial would likely not understand the concept of a “wittol,” a man who is aware and tolerant of his wife’s infidelity, commonly heard in the 1940s and 50s.

Thankfully, the Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE) exists to preserve regional and dialectic words and phrases, a project in progress since 1965. Learn more here. And then read on for some words you might or might not know, that are in danger of being used no more.

  • succedaneum (n. a substitute)
  • woolfell (n. the skin of a sheep or similar animal with the fleece still *might already be generally considered obsolete)
  • aerodrome (n. an airport or airfield, mostly British usage)
  • charabanc (n. an early form of bus)
  • wittol (n. a man who is aware and tolerant of his wife’s infidelity)
  • supererogate (v. todomorethandutyrequires)
  • sonsy (adj. charming or lively; agreeable; good-natured)
  • wamus (n. a heavy work jacket)
  • bonnyclabber (n. thick, sour milk)
  • vectarious (adj. belonging to a wagon or carriage)
  • whom (often confused with “who,” and since “whom” sounds more formal than “who,” people seem less inclined to use it than the other. It is easier to default to the more approachable word.)
  • fishwife (n. a woman who sells fish)

A bigger list of DARE words can be found here. And to read our first blog on this topic, click here.

Pre-Publication Manuscripts

Publishers can choose to make “accepted manuscripts” available to the public before they have undergone full editing, typesetting, and formatting. These articles have been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication, so all that’s left to be finalized is formatting. The manuscripts will include a disclaimer conveying this information.

Not all authors allow their manuscripts to be distributed before official publication, likely due to the fact that some information may change between preliminary acceptance and official publication. Not all of our clients are willing to accept these, either. If you have a preference in the matter, we can update you about availability of manuscripts and keep your order open until the article has been published in its final, edited form. Otherwise, if a title is only available as an accepted manuscript, we send it to you, as that’s all that is available.

If you have questions or would like to understand accepted manuscripts better, refer to this link for a sample Publisher’s FAQs about them.

It’s Garfield Day!

Today is a day for all things Garfield, the lovable, overweight, feisty feline. He was created by cartoonist Jim Davis and debuted in his first cartoon strip on this day in 1978. Garfield’s owner, Jon Arbuckle, and his dog friend, Odie, feature in their relatable shenanigans. He loves lasagna and coffee, hates Mondays, and has a generally comical-cynical outlook on life, which is why Bill Murray was the perfect voice choice for Garfield’s two live action movies.

As of 2013, Garfield is syndicated in roughly 2,580 newspapers and journals and holds the Guinness World Record for being the world’s most widely syndicated comic strip. Indeed, nearly everyone has heard of the incomparable Garfield the cat.

Fun fact: Garfield is named after Jim Davis’ grandfather.

Take Garfield to the next level, or rather, remove Garfield from the current level, and you have a hilarious yet poignant comic strip called Garfield minus Garfield. What is Jon without his Garfield?It is a journey deep into the mind of an isolated young everyman as he fights a losing battle against loneliness and depression in a quiet American suburb.” Check it out here.

What’s your take: is Garfield male or female? Apparently, there have been some hot debates on the subject.

Summer’s Coming!

At precisely 9:24pm on Tuesday, June 20, summer will have arrived!

Some people look forward to Summer all year long! It’s equated with the season of fun—and spending. The average family will spend between $600-1,000 per child this summer, to have fun. Statistically, the chances are good that your summer experiences will include going to the beach (or some other road trip), going to the movies, and eating unhealthy food. Most employees will use about half their paid vacation time off for summer travels.

Where are people going on their vacations? Business Insider has ranked the top 10 most popular summer travel destinations (current as of last summer) and among them are Paris (France), Las Vegas (Nevada), Cancun (Mexico), New York City (New York), and Florida (multiple locations).

How will you be enjoying this sizzling season? Evening reading marathons? Endless days in the pool? BBQs, chilled wine, and dear friends? Tending to a flourishing garden? No matter which way you celebrate it, there is nothing quite like summer time!

Online Ordering Made Easy

Here are some helpful tips for using our online order form.

Q: All I have is a PubMed ID number—is that OK? What about Direct Object Identifier (DOI) numbers?

A: Yes! With just that one piece of information, we can access the full citation information. The same goes for DOI numbers.

Q: What if I don’t have a full citation?

A: Not a problem! Fill in the fields that you do know, and we can usually figure out the rest. If we can’t, we’ll update you and investigate any alternate incomplete citations we may find.

Q: Do I have to enter my personal information each and every time I use the online order form?

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Q: I have a very large list. Can I still use the order form without manually typing out each citation?

A: You may still use the online order form. Select the “File Upload” button and simply upload your list. Or cut and paste the list into the “Special Instructions” section. No list is too short or too long.

If you still are unsure about a particular section of the online order form, feel free to clarify your request with us, or ask any questions in the “Special Instructions” box at the very end of the order form.

As soon as you hit the “Place Order” button, you will receive an automated email letting you know your order was submitted to our Order Processing department. If you don’t receive this email, try again or contact us.

Happy Birthday, Anne Frank

Born Annelies Marie Frank on June 12, 1929, she received her first diary as a gift for her 13th birthday, 75 years ago today. She made excellent use of it, and provided the rest of the world a unique first person account of growing up under extreme persecution during the Nazi Germany era.  For what began as a young girl keeping a diary, her personal story has touched and inspired countless people. Search “Anne Frank” on Goodreads and 806 results appear. Edited and unabridged versions of her diary can be found, as well as other in-depth biographies and inspired literature.

Today, take pause to express gratitude for all the everyday luxuries in your life, things that little Anne Frank did not have. Maybe take some time to update your journal, or start one for the first time (get some pointers here).


“Office Space” in Real Life

The secret to the success of the wildly popular and still relevant 1999 film, Office Space, is the fact that it is true! All the drama, the emotion, the frustration, and even a physical outburst or two—it happens in offices everywhere, every day. We’ve all wanted to take a bat to our computers, no doubt, but doesn’t all the suffering seem unnecessary? People want to enjoy work. After all, we spend most of our adults lives at work. Our work can become our mission. It makes sense then, that we’d have a better time if we thought that time was spent in pursuit of some tangible beneficial outcome, right? Or at the very least, we’d be happier if work wasn’t such a drag.

Furthermore, our co-workers become like our family—indeed, some people spend more time with their corporate brothers and sisters than their actual spouses. Studies have shown that employees who have friends at work are much happier, productive, and satisfied (It might be easier than you think). Being happy boosts your immune system, and happy employees take 10x fewer sick days than their unhappy counterparts. Anybody who has ever worked management can testify to the challenge of creating the ideal work environment for both employee happiness and productivity. But when it works, it is absolutely worth it.  A little extra attention to workplace happiness—on both sides—can result in fewer TPS report situations, or having to come in on Saturday, “yeeeeeeaaaahhh….”

In contrast to the utterly depressing corporate culture created by Bill Lumbergh, the ridiculously playful, outside-the-box work culture portrayed in the 2013 film, The Internship, seems so dreamy that it couldn’t possibly be real… right? Wrong. Google has long had a reputation for being an awesome place to work. Zappos, Twitter, REI, SquareSpace, Adobe, LinkedIn, In-n-Out Burger, and Facebook all have been ranked as excellent employers, too. What does it take to qualify as such? Here are a few of the prevalent characteristics among these top employers:

  • Flexible hours
  • paid health insurance
  • stocked kitchens and other free food
  • relaxed atmosphere
  • casual dress code
  • on-site gyms or paid gym memberships
  • competitive compensation
  • flat organizational structure (CEOs working alongside entry level positions)
  • recreation rooms
  • and the “best of the best” for co-workers

These employers favor viewing employees’ unique personality traits as positive, and utilizing them by placing them in roles where their natural talents flourish for mutual benefit.

Perks like these are great, but not when they dominate the workplace to the exclusion of other concerns, such as safety, diversity, and baseline output. Yes, we all want to avoid a Milton-style meltdown (always give your co-workers their staplers!) while at work, and we can’t all enjoy the extreme utopia that is Google, but there are certainly a few worthy lessons any supervisor (or employee) can glean from these companies’ successes. Read on here.

Download Downers

Technology is wonderful! Except when it’s not. Then we curse it, and we get all worked up trying our darndest to make it work. And it still won’t. Sound like another day at the office for you?

Technological complaints are no stranger to us and to you, our clients. We are an all-online document retrieval service; as such, we’d like to give you some pro-tips for how to avoid the frustration with potential downloading issues.

After you receive the delivery email that has links to download your documents, click—but just once! Should you click more than once, you will see this error message.

As you can see, because we adhere to copyright compliance laws, we restrict the amount of downloads available. We also limit the download window to two weeks, so be sure to download your items within that time frame.

We realize that accidents happen. If you unintentionally click twice and are unable to retrieve your items, give us a call and we will work with you. We also know that some computer security programs are set up to “pre-view” an item before letting you access it, to make sure it is safe, which is great! But it uses up the download. If you find yourself constantly receiving this error message above, get in touch and we can troubleshoot together.

Other helpful pieces of advice:

  • If you can’t find your document, check around on your computer to make sure the item didn’t download into some unexpected folder.
  • If you receive the download error message, it could be because a CC on the delivery email has already accessed the items, so check with your colleague(s) before contacting us.

Nobody wants to have the download downers. We want you to have only flawless success in acquiring the documents you order from us!

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